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TreadReader tyre measurement technology available from Hunter Engineering

Sigmavision is delighted to announce that its patented TreadReader tyre measurement technology is to be available as part of the QuickCheckTM inspection system from Hunter Engineering.

A collaboration between the two companies has resulted in Hunter integrating Sigmavision’s ‘TreadReader’ tyre measurement technology into the Hunter passenger car diagnostic system. The drive-over tyre measurement system rapidly generates 3D scans of tyre tread, which are accurate even if tyres are wet or dirty.

MD of Sigmavision Ltd, Dr Andrew Pryce, explains, ‘3D tyre scans are generated automatically and in less than 10 seconds when the car drives over the low profile ramp. Each 3D scan comprises more than 300,000 data points and removes all the guess work and variability from manual depth gauges, allowing garage owners to identify more sales opportunities for tyres and tyre related services, such as wheel alignments.’


The Hunter Engineering Quick TreadTM ramp incorporating the TreadReaderTM  tyre measurement sensor

 ‘Our exclusive partnership with Hunter Engineering for the drive-over ramp in passenger car workshops is just the start of our deployment strategy. We are now engaging with a range of clients for further applications with passenger cars and for tyre management of commercial vehicle fleets.’

‘I’m delighted also to announce that our Hand Held version of the TreadReader 3D scanner will soon be available for tyre bay applications.’

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