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TreadReader Hand Held Scanner unveiled at Munich Exhibition

At the international ‘Transport Logistic’ Exhibition in Munich this month, Sigmavision Ltd unveiled the TreadReader Hand Held scanner to the show’s 50,000 visitors representing the international commercial vehicle market.

The devic captures a 3D laser scan of the tyre and provides fleet operators and tyre service providers improved tyre measurement and management to ensure tyres reach their target lifetime. It also presents fuel saving opportunities to the fleet operator and reduces the running costs of tyre maintenance contracts.

TreadReader is Redefining Tyre Measurement

The advantages of the TreadReaderTM advanced 3D laser scanning technology over traditional tyre measurement methods are increased speed and accuracy. The measurement cycle time to measure all tread grooves on a truck tyre is approximately 5 seconds. Advanced software analyses the 3D scans to ensure measurements are accurate and reliable, even when tyres are wet or dirty. The 3D scans may be stored on a smart phone or tablet and incorporated into vehicle management systems.

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner also provides a unique opportunity for service workshops and tyre dealerships serving the passenger car market. By improving the way tyres are measured, TreadReader provides these businesses with an opportunity to grow tyre sales and increase the level of service hours billed in relation to wheel alignments, for example, with the result that revenues and profits can be increased dramatically.

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