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Nokian Tyres Invests in Sigmavision and TreadReader Technology

Nokian Invests in Sigmavision

Sigmavision’s ‘Beyond the Workshop’ free tyre check strategy has been advanced with an investment by Nokian Tyres plc.

Building on a successful business deploying TreadReader™ 3D tyre measurement systems into garages and workshops, Sigmavision is now offering its Drive Over ramps for applications ‘Beyond the workshop’. This is to address the large number of badly worn and illegal tyres on the road caused by poor attitudes towards tyre safety and lack of awareness by motorists as to the condition of their tyres.

The aim of the company’s ‘Beyond the Workshop’ strategy is to present a tyre check result to the motorist in an easy to understand way, using its patented 3D tyre scan technology, thereby generating significant business opportunities for replacement tyres and tyre related services such as wheel alignments.

The Sigmavision strategy involves deploying Drive Over ramps in public locations, such as car parks, supermarkets and petrol stations, so the public can interact frequently with Sigmavision’s equipment and receive free tyre checks. Participating tyre retailers can then provide incentives to motorists via promotional campaigns and discount vouchers, in order to capture the sales opportunity.


The Nokian Tyres Investment in Sigmavision Ltd

Andrew Pryce, MD of Sigmavision Ltd, and Ville Nikkola, Head of Business Area for Retail at Vianor

The new strategy has received an immediate boost by the decision of Nokian Tyres plc to invest in Sigmavision Ltd and to launch its own digital tyre checking service branded SnapSkan, that uses Sigmavision’s TreadReader™ Drive Over ramps. The tyre retailing division of Nokian Tyres is the tyre and car service chain Vianor, with over 1,400 tyre outlets in 26 countries. Vianor has also developed a digital retailing strategy using a web portal, to communicate the results of the tyre scans to prospective clients, who are in need of replacement tyres or vehicle servicing.

Dr Andrew Pryce, Sigmavision’s Managing Director, commented “The opportunity to progress our ‘Beyond the Workshop’ strategy with Nokian Tyres plc is a significant step and we are also delighted to welcome Nokian Tyres as a shareholder in our business.”

“The number of badly worn and illegal tyres in all markets is at an alarmingly high level and every year in the UK directly contributes to approximately 200 people killed or seriously injured on our roads. By raising the awareness of motorists as to the condition of their tyres with regular, free tyre checks, we now have a real opportunity to make a positive impact on these road safety statistics. We are looking forward to further rollouts with more tyre retailers in the coming months.”


Watch Nokian SnapSkan video >

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