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Nokian Tyres announces expansion of Snapskan using TreadReader

SnapSkan incorporating TreadReader

Nokian Tyres has announced the expansion of its SnapSkan free tyre scanning service, using TreadReader technology from Sigmavision.

Nokian has confirmed the expansion of the SnapSkan service incorporating both the Drive Over ramp and Hand Held scanners. SnapSkan contributes to the Nokian Tyres’ objective to promote safe roads for millions of people globally. Nokian Tyres originally announced SnapSkan technology at the Slush 2017 event in Helsinki 30.11.2017. At that time, a Drive Over ramp service was installed in a pilot programme within the Q-Park parking garage in Helsinki.

“SnapSkan-scanning service will tell motorists their tyre tread depth and when it’s time to replace tyres. Combining high-end 3D scanning technology and a cloud-based solution, SnapSkan is the quick and easy way to understand how safe or risky a vehicle’s tyres are. The service location is optimised for the daily routes of the motorist. With a free service to help, the car owner has a little less to worry about. With the new service we are promoting the safety of millions of road users”, says service director Ville Nikkola

Nokian Tyres tweeted the launch of the Drive Over ramps and Hand Held scanners


Building on the existing partnership between Nokian Tyres and Sigmavision

Back in December, Sigmavision announced a boost to the ‘Beyond the Workshop’ strategy with the decision by Nokian Tyres plc to invest in Sigmavision Ltd. Nokian launched  its own digital tyre checking service branded SnapSkan, using the Sigmavision’s TreadReader™ Drive Over ramps. The tyre retailing division of Nokian Tyres is the tyre and car service chain Vianor, with over 1,400 tyre outlets in 26 countries. Vianor has also developed a digital retailing strategy using a web portal, to communicate the results of the tyre scans to prospective clients, who are in need of replacement tyres or vehicle servicing.

Nokian will be operating both the Drive Over ramp and Hand Held scanner in this expansion and future roll out of the SnapSkan service.



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