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TreadReader Integration with eDynamix iVHC

Extract from the eDynamix iVHC Report containing the TreadReader 3D tyre scans


Integration brings TreadReader scans seamlessly into Workshops

TreadReader 3d tyre scans, unrivalled in the industry for their clarity and accuracy, continue to set the standard for tyre tread depth measurement.

As a result of a new systems integration between Sigmavision and eDynamix, workshops and dealerships are now able to view the unique 3D TreadReader images within the eDynamix iVHC system.

In addition to revealing tread depth, the detailed tyre scans will also diagnose incorrect inflation and wheel alignment issues.

The integration of TreadReader images further enhances the already intuitive iVHC online service booking system. As the vehicle passes over the TreadReader Drive Over ramp, the full tyre-width scans are recorded automatically and presented in the iVHC report. This seamless process replaces the previously manual tread depth measurement data input.


Multiple Benefits for Workshops and Dealerships

For workshops and dealership, the most obvious benefits of this latest integration are ease of use, data accuracy and time saved. Above and beyond that, the compelling nature of these 3D tyre images for the customer, create an opportunity to increase tyre sales and grow wheel alignment revenues.

eDynamix Director Iain Nickalls explains: “Having Sigmavision’s measurement technology embedded within iVHC application not only improves efficiencies for technicians, but also provides the customer with a detailed visualisation of their tyre tread within seconds. We are looking forward to the next stages of integration and progressing what is already a great partnership between two industry leading companies.”

Andrew Pryce, Sigmavision MD comments: “We’re delighted with this outcome of the ongoing partnership between Sigmavision and eDynamix. It has enabled us to combine our leading-edge measurement technology with an innovative system, bringing new revenue opportunities to service workshops.”

Systems integration between the TreadReader Hand Held scanner and the eDynamix iVHC will also be available in the coming months.

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