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SnapSkan from Nokian Tyres Expands Internationally

Nokian Tyres Snapskan

Nokian’s SnapSkan digital tread service using Sigmavision’s TreadReader system is launching five new locations across the Nordic countries.

A total of four new SnapSkan service points will be opened in parking garages in various locations across Finland. SnapSkan is also going international with the opening of a new service point in Oslo, Norway. This is the first SnapSkan service point outside of Finland.

SnapSkan Drive Over ramps have been installed at exit or entry lanes to parking garages. Tyre tread depth and tyre wear are automatically scanned as vehicles pass over the ramp. Drivers can opt-in by sms, or online, either before or after their tyres are scanned to obtain the free of charge digital report of their tyres’ condition. The report includes the measurements of tyre treads and a code that offers a discount on new tyres in selected stores. Locating the Snapskan ramps in places that drivers frequently visit eliminates the need for a separate stop or a drive to a checking station. SnapSkan can measure the tyres on any passenger car and works with all tyre brands.

 Tread depth and tyre wear scanned automatically as vehicles drive over ramp at Car Park exit point


Improving Road Safety

According to Nokian, SnapSkan is the world’s first fully automatic tyre scanning service available at a public location to everyone. The goal for SnapSkan is to improve road safety for millions of people in the future. Hille Korhonen, President & CEO for Nokian Tyres explains, “Caring and safety are at the core of everything we do. SnapSkan is a unique consumer service and it sets us apart from other tyre manufacturers. SnapSkan allows us to communicate to the drivers not only the condition of their tyres, but also what effects their condition has on road safety in general.”

Since the launch of the programme in December 2016 when Nokian became a shareholder in Sigmavision, the SnapSkan service has seen rapid adoption. “We have received a massive amount of positive customer feedback regarding SnapSkan. 80% of the people we interviewed said the service was effortless to use and would recommend it to others. An even more important figure is that 70% felt that the service improves road safety, says Ville Nikkola, the Program Manager responsible for the SnapSkan service at Nokian Tyres.


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