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Continental uses TreadReader 3D Tyre Scanner at the Tour de France

The Continental website allows customers to download results from their TreadReader tyre scans


As an official partner of the Tour de France, Continental is providing tyres for the main service cars. Included in Continental’s commitment to the safety of staff, competitors and spectators this year, is the offer of free tyre checks using the TreadReader Hand Held scanner from Sigmavision.

A number of TreadReader scanners have been deployed by a Continental support team for use during the Tour de France. When vehicle tyres are scanned, data is automatically uploaded to a cloud service.  Via the Continental website,  the vehicle owner can then access a detailed TreadReader Tyre Report showing tyre tread depth and wear patterns.

The Continental initiative follows a simple three step process, for easy access to the tyre scan results.

This initiative using the innovative Sigmavision technology reflects Continental’s commitment to improving road safety and raising awareness of the importance of tread depth measurement as part of correct tyre management. More information is available via the Continental website.



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