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Putting Tyre Measurement Technology to the Test

TreadReader Tyre Measurement

John Stone of Stone Tyres, Merseyside measuring at Tyre Safety Initiative with Sigmavision


Sigmavision and Independent Tyre Retailer improve local Tyre Safety

As part of a tyre safety initiative undertaken by a significant employer in the North West Region, Sigmavision’s Sales Director, Chris Coyle, joined Stone Tyres in Merseyside to scan over 300 cars in the employee car park. Vehicle tyres were scanned using the TreadReader Hand Held scanner, whereby all four tyres can be accurately scanned within a minute. As part of the activity, all vehicle owners were provided with a personal Tyre Report detailing tyre tread depth and tread wear.

The TreadReader Report contains colour-coded 3D tyre scans to quickly reveal tread depths in relation to the legal minimum. The parameters can be customised, but are typically coded green for >3mm, amber for between 3mm and 1.6mm, then red for tread depths <1.6mm. Uneven wear is also quickly discernable, and photographs in the report are used to show any other anomalies, such as cuts or bulges.

When vehicles were found with tyres requiring corrective action, advice and guidelines were added to the report, indicating if replacement tyres were required. Vehicle owners were also advised what action to take if poor wheel alignment or incorrect inflation had been identified and were causing uneven tyre wear.


Boosting Tyre Sales with a Proactive Approach

Stone Tyres is a successful town-centre based tyre-fitting garage, also operating a fleet of tyre fitting vans, offering mobile servicing across the North West of England, under the Gorilla Tyres brand. A growing customer base is able book appointments and purchase tyre fitment online. Stone tyres is a popular and well thought of business, judging by the numerous 5-star google reviews posted by happy customers.

The success of Stone tyres is fueled by the dedication and enthusiasm of proprietor John Stone. Setting a positive example for independent tyre retailers looking to establish a strong market position, whether regionally or nationally, John embraces new ideas and relevant technology. It’s no surprise that Stone Tyres should also adopt the best technology for tyre tread depth and tread wear measurement, investing in the TreadReader Hand Held scanner.

Talking about his experience of bringing the technology into his business, John explains, ‘From the initial phone call… I knew the company shared my ethos and was one I wanted to deal with. I cannot sing highly enough the praises of their representative who came out to visit me and help me to get to grips with the unit. I can now use the unit with ease and would fully recommend one to anyone interested. I look forward to buying more units to fit out my mobile fleet in the coming months.’

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