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Sigmavision online Tyre and Alignment Revenue Calculator

TreadReader tyre measurement technology from Sigmavision enables Dealer Groups and Independent Retailers to rapidly grow tyre and alignment sales, and now a new online Revenue Calculator reveals the sales growth potential.

Tyre condition trend data from the tyre sales management service TreadManager™ reveals that 10% of all tyres scanned using TreadReader™ tyre measurement equipment have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm and are therefore illegal.

In addition, 22% of tyres are shown to fall into the ‘advisory’ category, with a tread depth of between 1.6mm and 3mm.

TreadReader™ 3D tyre measurement technology also diagnoses wheel misalignment or incorrect inflation. 12 months of TreadManager™ data reveals that 29% of tyres present with uneven wear due to incorrect wheel alignment.


View of Tyre Report from TreadManager Service, showing wheel misalignment diagnosis


To help Dealer Groups and Independent Retailers understand the revenue growth available to them, the new Sigmavision online Revenue Calculator allows operators to calculate the revenue potential from improved conversions for Tyre and Alignment sales, when using TreadReader devices to measure tread depth and diagnose misalignment as a cause of uneven tyre wear.


To calculate Revenue from Tyre and Alignment sales:


For more information about the Sales Growth Opportunity: Revenue Calculator


View of Sigmavision Online Revenue Calculator 


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