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Aftermarket Magazine reports on Wheel Alignment Opportunity

Wheel alignment is more important than ever, reports Aftermarket Magazine in their April feature on Wheel and Body Alignment

Contributing to the magazine feature, Chris Coyle, Sales Director at Sigmavision comments, ‘The impact on tyres of wheel alignment and suspension is well understood within our industry, but the damage can be less obvious to the vehicle owner and often not acted on. Undetected misalignment over time results in uneven tyre wear and, ultimately, the need for premature tyre replacement, and a higher cost of ownership for the vehicle owner.’


Operators are missing out on replacement tyre revenues

Aftermarket Magazine correctly explains that businesses need to start the conversation with the customer, to make the most of the opportunity. As Chris comments, ‘When a customer arrives on site in their vehicle, a swift inspection of tyres and a conversation with the customer can be all it takes to create a tyre or alignment sales opportunity.

For many businesses, tyre checks form part of the standard vehicle inspection on every car arriving on site. However, some operators are still missing out on replacement tyre revenues and are unable to convert failed or advisory tyres into replacement tyre sales, or alignment revenue.’


Educating the Customer to Change Behaviour

Garages stand to gain by putting in place new technology, systems and processes, to educate their customers about importance of tyre maintenance and correct wheel alignment. ‘Educating the motorist remains the first step to changing behaviour and boosting sales,’ says Chris. ‘The TreadReader 3D tyre measurement equipment serve as powerful conversion aids for tyre and alignment sales.

The TreadReader ramps and Hand Held scanners produce colour-coded 3D tyre scans, revealing tread depth and tyre wear in a way that is immediately understood. The scans are compelling for the vehicle owner and valuable to the retailer as a means to build customer trust, whilst creating an opportunity for them to achieve increased revenues from tyre and alignment sales.’

Sigmavision is working with Hofmann Megaplan who can also supply the TreadReader Hand Held scanner, alongside their extensive range of tyre and wheel service equipment.


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