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The Growing Trend towards Trust and Transparency

The TreadReader Hand Held tyre scanner used with the TreadReader App provides instant, visual diagnostic information about tread depth and tyre wear

The May issue of Aftermarket Magazine explores the importance of trust and transparency in the relationship between tyre retailers and motorists. Talking about the motorist’s point of view, Sigmavision’s Marketing Director comments’ “The average person doesn’t spend a great deal of time thinking about tyres or tyre maintenance. A conversation with friends and family who don’t work in the automotive sector typically confirms this. Consumer surveys conducted by Tyresafe report that one in five motorists have never checked tread depth, and one in three under 25s never check tread depth.”

“This lack of consumer awareness has consequences, evident in the annually published Department for Transport statistics. The latest available data is for 2017 and confirms that illegal, defective or underinflated tyres were reported as contributory factors in 31% of accidents caused by vehicle defects. Yet the full picture may be even more alarming. In accidents where the ‘road environment’ was reported as a contributory factor, 63% of accidents were due to a ‘slippery road’. It’s not a giant leap to think that the exacerbating factor in these cases was a poor stopping distance on wet roads due to insufficient tyre tread depth.”


Connecting with the Customer using clear information in a transparent way

“To counter any skepticism, the best approach from the service provider is one of full transparency. Trust and customer loyalty are valuable commodities in the service provider-consumer relationship, but they are also its biggest hurdles. Any poor experiences or lack of transparency from tyre outlets or service workshops contribute heavily to the loss of trust and loyalty – to the detriment of any longer term relationship. However, when a business is able to communicate clear information, in an open and transparent way, customers feel more connected to the company and will stay loyal for the long-term. Put simply, businesses can set their brand apart by using transparency meet customer expectations and to grow lasting relationships.”


Click on press feature above to read the full Aftermarket Magazine article, or download the PDF below.

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The TreadReader Hand Held tyre scanner used with the TreadReader App provides instant, visual diagnostic…



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