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Why TreadReader?

Cannot Load 3D Tyre Scan
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The traditional method of tyre tread depth measurement using a dip gauge is inaccurate and time consuming.

When large volumes of vehicles are being inspected pre-auction, the inefficiencies of current tyre inspection become even more apparent.

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner and the TreadReader Drive Over ramp from Sigmavision provide swift and accurate measurement of tyre tread depth for all tyres on high volumes of vehicles.

Tread depth data and the 3D image of the tyre tread can be stored and logged against the vehicle registration number and other inspection information.

Benefits for Car Auctions & Remarketing

Vehicle Assurance

Easily incorporate tyre tread depth and tread wear reporting into auction vehicle specifications

Buyer Confidence

Provide visible evidence of tyre condition and tread depth for potential buyers at auction

Time Saving

Replace time-consuming dip gauge measurement with accurate and swift laser measurement

TreadReader Products

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a lightweight and easy to use device that eliminates the errors commonly associated with manual tread depth gauges.

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The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars, or light commercial vehicles.

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