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Why TreadReader?

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Year on year, hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured in road accidents, in which faulty or poorly maintained tyres are the cause of the accident. The general public remains largely unaware of the importance of tyre condition in relation to road safety. Most private motorists check the condition of their tyres far too infrequently, if at all.

TreadReader 3D tyre tread depth scans provide the motorist with incontrovertible evidence of their tyres’ condition. The TreadReader technology makes possible a proactive approach to incident prevention, whereby the 3D scan of a vehicles’ tyres can accompany an advisory notice regarding the need to replace tyres, or as evidence if a vehicle is deemed unroadworthy due to the condition of its tyres.

Benefits for Compliance and Law Enforcement

Motorist Education

TreadReader 3D scans are immediately understood by the motorist removing any doubt or scepticism regarding the condition of their vehicle’s tyres

Incident Prevention

TreadReader accurately identifies tyres that are near to the legal limit of 1.6mm and will require placement within a short timeframe.

Law Enforcement

Digital capture and storage of tyre tread depth scans for vehicles found with already illegal tread depth or unsafe condition.

TreadReader Products

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a lightweight and easy to use device that eliminates the errors commonly associated with manual tread depth gauges.

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The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars, or light commercial vehicles.

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