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TreadReader Tyre Measurement Solution for Vehicle Fleets

TreadReader Tyre Measurement Solution for Vehicle Fleets
The Safety Executive (HSE) requires fleet managers to regularly inspect vehicles in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

Tyres must be checked regularly, then replaced as necessary, with procedures for reporting defects and prompt remedial action. TreadReader Tyre Measurement products produce accurate and detailed information about the condition of all tyres on a fleet vehicle to ensure correct tyre maintenance and driver safety.

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner and Drive Over ramp provide fleet operators with the means to accurately measure and record tyre wear. This matters because the replacement of worn tyres is vital, as is the early detection of undue wear and tear which can reduce the life of the tyre and increase a fleet’s running cost.

Fleet managers will know that tyres are the second most costly vehicle consumable expense after fuel. In fact, tyres account for around 35% of a car’s overall maintenance budget, so prolonging the healthy life of tyres is certainly sound practice. Read Why Tyre Maintenance should be at the top of every Fleet Manager’s Priority List

TreadReader Benefits for Fleet Management & Operators

Duty of Care Compliance

Fleet operator compliance with the Health and Safety Executive requirement to regularly inspect tyres and replace as necessary.

Reduced Costs

Timely and accurate tread depth scans which can be electronically shared and logged as part of a fleet maintenance programme.

Increased Awareness

Raise awareness among fleet vehicle drivers of their often overlooked responsibility for tyre checking and maintenance.

TreadReader Products

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a lightweight and easy to use device that eliminates the errors commonly associated with manual tread depth gauges.

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The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars, or light commercial vehicles.

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