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Why TreadReader?

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Service workshops and dealerships are finding it increasingly difficult to grow tyre sales and increase the level of service hours billed

TreadReader tyre measurement improves the way tyres are measured, allowing workshops and dealerships to increase tyre sales and service sales, such as wheel alignment. By detecting accelerated tyre wear and diagnosing problems early, workshops and dealerships can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

TreadReader 3D tyre scans can be presented to the customer within a vehicle inspection report and will educate the vehicle owner on the importance of tyre tread depth. The scan may indicate the need for immediate tyre replacement, or reveal the need to schedule tyre replacement by the workshop or dealership at a future date.

Benefits for Workshops & Dealerships

Customer Trust

The customer recognises their vehicle’s tread pattern in the 3D scan and easily understands the tread depth colour coding showing any need for tyre replacement.

Customer Retention

When customers trust a service provider they return for future servicing or repairs. Future dates for tyre replacement can be booked in advance to secure the business.

Increased Sales

TreadReader 3D scans reveal any unusual wear patterns due to wheel misalignment or suspension issues.

TreadReader Products

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a lightweight and easy to use device that eliminates the errors commonly associated with manual tread depth gauges.

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The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars, or light commercial vehicles.

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