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Why Tyres Matter

40% of road traffic accidents caused by vehicle defects are tyre related

27% or 10 million vehicles on UK roads have at least one illegal tyre

20% of motorists admit to never checking the condition of their tyres

Almost two thirds of motorists do not know the penalty for illegal tyres

Driver Behaviour

of motorists didn’t check their tyres in September 2014, and 20% admit to never checking their tyres
Tyresafe 2014
18 Million
motorists (50%) neglect essential vehicle maintenance (oil, tyres and lights)
National Franchise Dealer Association 2013 survey

Tyres and the Law

maximum fine per tyre for illegal tread depth
UK convictions over the last three years for illegal tyres
(MoJ, 2015)

Casualties and Convictions

The Department for Transport published annual road safety statistics, showing a broadly downward trend for accidents occurring as a result of vehicle defects, However too many motorists remain oblivious to the importance of tyre maintenance and the number of road traffic accidents each year due to dangerous tyres remains stubbornly high.

Road Traffic Accidents due to dangerous tyres (DfT STATS19)

YearAll AccidentsKSI (killed or seriously injured)

Tyre Maintenance

In 2015, TyreSafe conducted the UK’s largest survey of tyre tread depths at the point of replacement. The results showed that more than a quarter of motorists were replacing their tyres when they were already illegal – that equates to potentially nearly 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres on Britain’s roads in 2015. A previous survey showed one in five motorists have NEVER checked their tyres. Tread depth has a decisive influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners. Safe tyres with legal tread depth will reduce the risks to you, your passengers and all road users.

TyreSafe Logo
More about Tyresafe
Tyre Safety Stats

HGV Compliance

DVSA Fleet Compliance Checks, 2014/15

HGV Prohibition Notices
9.3% UK / 15.1% non-UK
Bus and Coach Prohibition Notices
Condition of Tyres
2nd Highest Ranked Defect

The Benefits of Improved Tyre Measurement

Tyre service providers, fleet operators and private motorists all share a responsibility to maximise tyre safety through correct tyre maintenance. In turn, good tyre maintenance practices are best achieved through regular checks of tyre condition and accurate tread depth measurement.

The Benefits of Improved Tyre Measurement

TreadReader Products

Making TreadReader tyre measurement technology accessible to the private motorist and fleet operator in multiple locations is vital to address the worsening number of badly worn and illegal tyres on the road. TreadReader 3D scan technology helps educate motorists to understand better the importance of tyre wear for their safety and the safety of other road users.

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a lightweight and easy to use device that eliminates the errors commonly associated with manual tread depth gauges.

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The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars, or light commercial vehicles.

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